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Our Virtual Training Program was created to provide students of all ages and skill level the opportunity to train Martial Arts from the safety of their own home during this time of uncertainty and social distancing.

Participate in a FREE Virtual Martial Arts Class for Beginners!

Privacy Guaranteed

8 Minutes
00 Seconds

Classes are 100% Interactive!

We are alternating world class instructors on the LIVE streams daily to give our students the opportunity to 1.) continue Martial Arts at home, and 2.) experience new styles of training from the best of our school. You can see and hear them. They can see and hear you!

On our first day of LIVE Virtual Martial Arts classes, over 600 students of all ages across 4 different countries tuned in to continue their training. Our new goal is to provide this opportunity to the rest of our community!

How does Virtual Training even work?

It's actually very simple! We are using an awesome LIVE streaming platform called Zoom to schedule our virtual classes.

The best thing about Zoom is you simply click a link to join your class! Once you join, you have the option to turn your webcam and audio on or off, based on your preference.

No matter your visibility, instructors are 100% visible and audible the entire class. You can even communicate to other members of the class via the chat box! All you need is a small area to train safely and yourself - ready to learn and be active.

From our Family

This isn’t your ordinary mixed martial arts academy...everyone has become family!! Not only are the coaches n teams amazing but the way they teach the kids n life lessons they focus on are instrumental for all kids!! We couldn’t be happier!! Kids love it and it’s fun for them!! I especially love the focus at the end of each class with their life lessons “mat chats” Thank you for being such a big part and making such an impact on all those you teach!!

Adrienne Baez-Asbell

Can't say enough great things about Dominion! All the coaches are so wonderful! They make u feel part of something great! I searched a long time for a place like this and so glad I found it!! I feel awesome inside and out! Thanks so much!! I needed a place like this!!

Annette Fournier Fox

A wonderful place, nurturing staff. Passionate, supportive instructors who train our kids to be the best in their disciplines and in life!!

Dina Bellini-Jones


150 Kendall Point Drive, Unit B,
Oswego, IL 60543, USA
Phone 331-725-7250
We have FREE Virtual Martial Arts Classes available! Only 30 Minutes Long!

Privacy Guaranteed

8 Minutes
00 Seconds
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